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Origami Instructions


Origami is a Japanese associated culture. It is the art where you can make different things using sheets of paper. For example you can make animals,flowers and even a flower too. It is a very creative way that is very popular among the Japanese people. It has become a part of their culture and they are even proud to show it off to the outside world too.

When doing origami, you use some glue and paper to make the different types of folds that you want to make. You can use the normal kind of paper if you are an expert and are used to doing this but if you are an amateur, then you can use the special type of paper that is available. It is normally lighter in weight and it has a higher ability to hold creases and keep together without spoiling the design. For extra creativity, there are different types of origami papers for example we have the plain colored ones and those that have different color patterns too. When you combine the two, it makes something very attractive to the eyes of the people. Know more claims about origami at http://www.youtube.comwatchv=_fVT75SDoq0.


Just like any other, there are some tools that are used in order to make these origami patterns. However, if you are an expert, then you need not to use all these things because you are used to doing it. For example we have a bone folder and this is a tool just as the name suggests it allows one to make very sharp and accurate folds so that they may make a design of an image. Another tool closely related to the bone folder is known as tweezers. This is used to make very small folds. This is used if you want to pay attention to details. The paper clips too is another tool that is used. Paper clips are used to hold together the origami papers so that they do not fall off and separate. They act like extra fingers.


It is said that there are several ways to kill a rat and the same way for origami, there are some different techniques that can be used for example we have the pleat, rabbit ear and the outside reverse too. All these are different ways in which you can make beautiful artistic origami images. Some of the things you can make even a dragon, birds and a heart too. Origami at origami.me/diagrams/ is an important culture and practice.